Vietnam White Marble

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Vietnam white marble

  1. Vietnam white marble – lowest price
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  6. Vietnam white marble – premium quality, flawless white marble

Vietnam white marble – lowest price

Vietnam White Marble is the best marble all over the World. It is pure white marble and also known as the world’s white marble. Like Makrana Marble is also a calcite stone from which Taj Mahal was built in 1632 in Agra (India). Vietnam White Marble has its own different look. Vietnam White Marble has many usages. It can be used for Interior as well Exterior purposes and it can also be used at many other places in buildings, villas, hotels, etc. Vietnam White Marble is also used for high-quality daily use products such as bathtubs, washbasin, and souvenirs as statues, etc.

Vietnam White Marble price starts from 250rs per sqft to 750rs per sqft. We can provide you Vietnam White marble in every thickness in our ready stock and all other sizes we can give to our customers at customizing orders. Vietnam White Marble is also famous for its different types of art and handicrafts. Different types of Vietnam White Marble are available and used as worldwide. We provide the best quality of Vietnam White Marble.

The naturally cool temperature of marble countertops, flooring, elevation, etc makes this stone the number one choice among bakers and pastry chefs. Since the stone always stays cooler than room temperature, it is a great work surface for making pastries and rolling out dough. In addition to the kitchen countertop, flooring, elevation, etc you can utilize white marble for your kitchen backsplash. White marble provides a cooling atmosphere for your entire room. For a kitchen/dining space, you can forget about the heating from cooking for a long hour and truly enjoy a wonderful meal with your whole family.

Makrana Vs Vietnam white marble

Vietnam White Marble is known as the world’s whitest stone. It is also a calcite stone like Makrana Marble from Which the Taj Mahal was built. 
Vietnam White Marble is one of the superlative white marbles of the world like Makrana White Marble. But it’s cheaper as compared to other white stones with similar quality.  Mostly in general language whatever marble is Imported from out of India is known as Italian Marble, but there are many other countries from where marble is imported in India apart from Italy like Vietnam, Turkey, Egypt, etc. Vietnam White Marble is imported from Vietnam. Vietnam white marble is also known as crystal white marble and Makrana White Marble is Indian Marble and comes from Rajasthan Mines.

Vietnam White Marble and Makrana White Marble is the oldest and the best quality white in the world. It needs no chemical reinforcement like Italian marble, no pinholes, any color change, and loss of polish. Both are very good products. If you use it once. No need to change it in the next five generations. Makrana White marble is quarried from the state of Rajasthan, while Vietnam white marble is quarried from Northern Vietnam and is usually available in slabs. Vietnam white and Indian white marble has a very high luster, as seen in this image, and is a very soft stone with a crystal-like.

Being from nature, each white marble slab is un-replicable. White marble is mined from mountainous quarries, with each block has its own pattern style and white background. While cutting into white marble tiles and slabs, the different direction of the saw blade can create either flowery patterns or streaks running along the surface. When made into countertops, flooring, elevation, etc each white marble slab will bring an unmatched beauty to any kitchen. Even if you see the same-named stone in a restaurant, someone else’s home, or even a magazine, it will undoubtedly look just as beautiful, but entirely different as your white marble countertop.

Vietnam white marble blocks

Vietnam white marble is noted for its purity and milky white colors. If you are planning to install Vietnam white marble in your home then you must be aware of certain facts related to this kind of marble. First and foremost, such marbles can be further categorized under several types including the Vietnam Crystal Pure White Marble Blocks, implying you can go in for any sizes as per your preference. You can order this type of marble straightway from Vietnam. This kind of marble works best for your kitchen and bathroom. You can either choose crystal white marble blocks or stone tiles to serve your needs. However, it would be unwise on your part to stick to the very first shop that comes your way. Rather, we suggest you check different shops find out their price quotes and then choose one that best serves your need and budget.

Vietnam white marble is yet another choice for those interested in giving their home a unique touch. They impart a superb essence to the overall ambiance of your home. No matter what furniture you choose for your house, it will go extremely well with this type of marble.

Last, but not least; the Vietnam white marble also makes a great choice for those looking for appropriate flooring choices for their homes. Now, with so many options available before you, make sure you choose the one that best suits your need and budget. Before you choose the marble, you must analyze your requirements. Doing so will help you to select the right marble for the right need. There is no dearth in the number of marble suppliers in Vietnam. After all, you would want the marble flooring to be appealing. That’s why consider all the important points that make it easier to choose the right marble.

Vietnam white marble 18mm thick

Vietnam white marble is available in different thicknesses and 18mm is standard thickness as it is a natural stone resulted from metamorphism sedimentary carbonate rocks, most commonly limestone or dolomite rock. Color variations occur in marble due to mineral impurities in the stone; therefore, only the rarest, purest rocks can form crystal white marble. When choosing a kitchen countertop, flooring, elevation, etc, many homeowners would go-to natural stone for its durability and classic look, especially white marble for an elegant presence. White marble slabs, rather than tiles, are typically used for countertops, where it could be styled to fit the overall impression of the kitchen.

Vietnam white marble is highly regarded by homeowners and designers for its exceptional whiteness, sparkling and glossy surface, as well as strong structure. The sophisticated and luxurious look that Vietnam white marble possesses is what sets it apart from other natural stones. You can add a lot of beautiful things to your living space, but sometimes highlighting with a white marble countertop on a beige backsplash, and adding light wood stools can create the special feel of vintage you aim for to your cooking space. A white marble countertop usually occupies its own design territory. Nothing beats white marble in terms of classic beauty. Other solid surface countertop materials may attempt to recreate the beautiful look of white marble, but they will never come close to capturing its naturally unique stunning look. With a white marble kitchen countertop, you just have to worry about decorating details and adding appliances to your kitchen.

White marble is a durable natural stone, but it is also a soft stone with diverse patterns style. Matching the pattern’s style to the surrounding background and other accessories is considered an art-making process. Formed from metamorphism sedimentary carbonate rocks, most commonly limestone or dolomite rock, Vietnam white marble is calcium-based, which makes it extremely easy to create decorative edges and fancy details if it is so desired. You can find the right white marble slabs for your kitchen countertops, flooring, elevation, etc available mostly everywhere, in standard conditions and sizes at your disposal. The installation and maintenance process can feel burdensome sometimes, but white marble’s timeless and luxury beauty will ensure it is a choice you won’t regret.

All about white marble from Vietnam

We owe the leading position in Vietnam White Marble to its strong focus on Indigenisation. As we have always stood for quality with compromise. We trust in long-term business relations and work hand in hand with the customers to ensure that they get the best value for money. We are engaged as mines owner, supplier, and exporter. There is a lot of buzz around the world surrounding the quality, appearance, looks, patterns and designs, colors, prices, and many more. We provide all types of marble with various facilities like transportation, insurance, and many more as customer satisfaction is our ultimate goal as we offer a product within a stipulated time period matching to budget lines of our esteemed clients.

Product Details :

Vietnam White Marble premium quality flawless White Marble. This is widely used for Residential flooring in offices, industries, Schools, Temples, statues, and wall cladding. It has perfect white color, lustrous shine is its beautiful feature. Our Vietnam White Marble qualities match the international standards.
•    Beautiful White look
•    Smooth surface
•    Easy to Maintain
•    Imported Marble
•    Used for flooring
•    Available in Blocks, Slabs, Tiles
•    Thickness 15-20 mm
Approx Price: 150- 750 / Square Feet
Minimum Order Quantity: 1000 Square Feet
GST 18%, Loading, Packing, and Delivery charges extra.
Rating:   – 5 STAR
Uses –
•    Flooring
•    Counter Top
•    Table Top
•    Elevation
•    Vietnam White Marble
•    Vietnam  Marble
•    Vietnam Adanga Marble
•    Vietnam Albeta Marble

Vietnam white marble – premium quality, flawless white marble

Flawless Vietnam White Marble Cozy and Charming Vietnam White Marble are highly liked by homeowners and designers for their exceptional whiteness, sparkling and glossy surface, as well as strong structure. The sophisticated and luxurious look that Vietnam white marble possesses is what sets it apart from other natural stones. The purest white marble and regarded as the epitome of elegance infused luxury, Flawless White’s fine grain, and glossy finish make it a universal favorite. The perfectly flirtatious blending of black with the startling backdrop of chaste white marble lends flawless Vietnam white marble a superlative and sensual appeal. Perfect for floorings, these can be used for accentuating the interiors. Suitable for residential as well as commercial applications, this marble is bound to make your interiors stand out.

Vietnam white marble is praised for its white and glittering surface. When used as a kitchen counter, flooring, elevation, etc. Vietnam white marble will, over time, make stains or etch invisibly. You will be surprised to notice some scratches caused by cutting on the surface will significantly fade and blend into the surface and patterns of the white marble. Set aside the fear that your kitchen will feel too cold with white marble walls, cabinets, and countertops, wood-and-white is the right answer. Wood brings warmth to kitchens in colder regions, while white marble countertops, flooring, elevation, etc keep things bright. Create an impressive kitchen of a white marble countertop, flooring, elevation, etc with wood storage drawers and cabinets of brown or beige color depending on the whiteness of your countertop. It will surprise any guest that comes into your kitchen.

 A presence that’s instantly recognizable, Vietnam white marble is an excellent choice for your kitchen countertop, flooring, elevation, etc. With little maintenance and cautions, your white marble kitchen countertop, over time with use, will develop a character of its own. So don’t hesitate to make an investment that lasts a lifetime with Vietnam white marble.




Vietnam White Marble
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