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BHANDARI MARBLE GROUP is an integral part of the Kishangarh marble market. We have been providing Stones of India. The Indian stone industry has evolved into the production and manufacturing of blocks, flooring slabs, structural slabs, monuments, tombstones, sculptures, cobbles, pebbles and landscape garden stones.

BHANDARI MARBLE GROUP’s tradition of stones dated back to the construction of the TAJ MAHAL where our marble has been used. The wonder continues to be beautiful as ever which proves the excellent quality of marble and stone by us. India possesses a wide spectrum of dimensional stones that include granite, marble, sandstone, limestone, slate, and quartzite, in various parts of the country.


India has a remarkable variety of natural stones that include granite, marble, sandstone, limestone, slate, and quartzite, spread out all over the country. India is also amongst the largest producers of raw stone material, with superior quality, low prices and the most advanced technology for quarrying and processing of stone.


India has the seventh-largest economy worldwide and replaced the P.R. of China as the fastest growing economy in the world by the end of 2014. The Mining sector contributes about 11% to the economy by the GDP of the INDIAN MARBLE.


Bhandari Marbles offers a filtered selection that will reduce the risks of selecting the wrong product. We will be able to cater to all your concerns, be it budget or quality or something selective like a unique product.

Kishangarh Marble Market has now become Asia’s Biggest Marble Mandi (Market). Here More Than 9000 Marble sellers, suppliers, manufacturers and exporters/ importers are in one place.

We are one of them. You will get a full variety of Marble in India, Italian Marbles, Granite, sandstone and Limestone at the best price. Marble is a transformative stone made out of calcite. Due to its structure, marble can take a high clean and is an extremely prominent brightening stone for compositional and sculptural purposes.

Marble in India itself can be of two types, one made out of calcite and the other of dolomite. The shade of marble ranges from the splendid white of calcite to dark, including blue-grey, red, yellow and green, contingent on the mineral composition.


Marble has numerous decorative and auxiliary employments. It is utilized for outdoor sculptures and additionally for form bases; in architecture, it is utilized as a part of outside dividers and finishes, flooring, decorative features, stairways and walkways.

Popular types of Indian marble:

It comes in an astonishing array of colours such as white, pink, yellow, green, red and black.


1. Aspur Marble
2. Ambaji Marble
3. Andhi Marble
4. Pink Marble
5. Banswara Marble
6. Katni Marble
7. Green Marble
8. Oman Red Marble
9. Onyx Marble
10. Morwad White Marble
11. Arana Marble
12. Dharmeta Marble
13. Nizarna Brown Marble
14. JK Brown Marble
15. Torrento Marble
16. Sawar Marble
17. Vietnam White Marble
18. Sirohi Marble

Bhandari Marble Group offers the finest quality marble at affordable rates. The prices are cheaper than the market because we are the largest manufacturer, importer, exporter, trader and wholesaler of superior quality marble, granite and natural stone.

Prices start from Rs.10 per Sq.ft so we can cater to every budget. There are endless options to choose from- great colours, patterns, textures and designs. Our world-class quality and cost-effective approach are what sets us apart. Experience #FinestAtBhandari.

Attached below is the price list for all our products. All queries are welcome at  [email protected] or [email protected]

Bhandari Marble Group
The Mughal Empire landmarks include Delhi’s Red Fort complex and massive Jama Masjid mosque, plus Agra’s iconic Taj Mahal. These are all MARBLE and stone wonders. We offer this beautiful marble in quality and natural shine to use for commercial and residential purpose. Generally, Indian is highly demanded in its pure white colour form. We also export fantasy Brown white Indian marble, pink, gold, onyx and more other colours.


The Indian natural stone industry is evolved in the production and the manufacturing of dimensional stone blocks for monumental and building purposes, in all forms of structural slabs, flooring slabs, structural slabs, calibrated – ready to fix tiles, in processed monuments and tombstones, in cobbles, cubes, kerbs and landscape garden stones, etc.

The most serious contender of the Indian natural stones industry in China, especially in the granite trade due to its lower prices. Spain is an important contender too. Spanish industries investing mainly in infrastructure and machinery increase their production capabilities to a greater extent.

Marble was used for building tombs, temples and palaces. For a long time, it was considered a Royal Stone. It is, however, now used in hotels and homes too.


*Taj Mahal made of ivory-white marble*

There are many varieties such as Makrana marble (used in the Taj Mahal), Rajnagar Marble (the world’s largest marble-producing area, with over 2,000 gang saw units located in the nearby town of Udaipur), Andhi Marble (a dolomitic marble with intrusions of tremolite), Salumber Marble (also known as Onyx Marble), marble in Rajasthan – Abu Black (a rare black textured marble), Madhya Pradesh – Katni Range: (famous beige coloured marble), Indian Green Marble, etc.

*BHANDARI MARBLE GROUP* has established a commitment to serve India’s Ornamental Stone Industries specialized in granites, marbles, sandstones, slates, limestone, quartzite etc.

BHANDARI MARBLE GROUP has been working since 1631 for their progress and scientific development as well as in removing obstacles to achieve rapid and constant growth.

The principal objective of FIGSI is the promotion of the Natural Stone Industry, acting as a bridge between Industry and the Government in bringing constant improvement in mineral regulation, policies, processes, systems and procedures.

BHANDARI MARBLE GROUP also promotes the gradation of technology aimed at mine safety, productivity, cost efficiency and quality improvement. It is initiating to start an Institute for Research and Development as well as training to benefit the industry.

The major committees in which Bhandari Marble Group has been given a chance to serve are:

  • Granite development Council
  • Group of Marble Development
  • Planning Commission
  • BHANDARI MARBLE GROUP is in the Executive Committee of SMI, EC (Sustainable Mining Initiative) which is formed by the Bhandari Marble Group.
  • BHANDARI MARBLE GROUP has submitted a memorandum on various issues and problems faced by the Industry with respective State governments and Central Government.
  • BHANDARI MARBLE GROUP has made several representations to Commerce Ministry, Government of India and also Bhandari Marble Group to bring both the Granite and Marble blocks import under the OGL scheme.
For more details and information please check at:


An extended survey, by Hina Latif, prepared for The Big 5 Construct India about the construction market of India is presented in The Big5 Hub.

A report states that over $1.3 trillion India’s current GDP, the economy is predicted to grow by 10% per annum by 2020, with a savings rate of 37% of India’s domestic savings fuel most of its investment requirements, 10% of India’s GDP is based on construction activity, 7-8% construction industry growth in the next 10 years, $1 trillion – investment in infrastructure (2012-2017), $ 650 billion – investment in urban infrastructure in the next 20 years, $ 250 billion- investment in the power sector (2015-2020), Indian stock market has generated investment returns of over 15% per annum for the last 10 years and experts expect this rate to increase in the next decade.


Kishangarh Marble Market now becomes Asia’s Biggest Marble Mandi (Market). Here More Than 10000 Marble seller, marble supplier, Manufacturer and exporter/imposter are in one place. We are one of them and we are proud of it. In Kishangarh, you will get a full quantity of Indian Marbles, Italian Marbles, Granite, sandstone and Limestone at the best Rate (price). The world-famous R.K. Marbles is also situated at Kishangarh. His name is recorded in the World Guinness Book of Record as the largest producer of marble in Kishangarh city, the Marble city hospital also available here.

Popular in the early 1985s was a marble city called Kishangarh marble city. White marble is mostly used for flooring. Marble dust is combined with cement or synthetic resins to make reconstituted or cultured marble. Some marbles that show colourful patterning are used for decorative architecture. Patterning in marble arises from various types of marbles. All of our marbles are individually handcrafted.

BHANDARI MARBLE GROUP’s Technology for marble:


First of all, I would like to tell you that marble is a natural material that is extracted from quarries in different parts of the world; hence it can’t be manufactured, but can only be a process in marble processing units or as commonly called “marble factories.” However, various marble products can be used to develop an array of products.

Below is the Step-by-Step description of how the marble transformed into a finished product to suit our client’s requirements:

  1. Like other natural stones, large marble blocks are extracted directly from quarries. These blocks are then brought into processing units (usually located close to quarries to avoid excessive transportation cost and prevent damage) and this is why BHANDARI MARBLE GROUP can maintain lower costs for their products.
  2. At marble factories, these large blocks are sliced into slabs of varying sizes using the BEST TECHNOLOGY, so that the finished product is flawless and the order can be customized depending on the requirement.
  3. Large gangsaw slabs can be further cut into smaller slabs by a specialized cutter; hence the name was given cutter slabs. This also can be a product as per the customer’s demand.
  4. Depending on the requirement, either the gangsaw slabs or cutter slabs can be modified or given the shape of a specific product. Most common marble products are flooring tiles, kitchen countertops, vanity tops and worktops, steps, risers, bathtub surrounds and shower wall covering.
  5. Before the installation and generally on customer’s demand, the product surface is given a specific finish that adds to its natural beauty. Popular marble finishes are polished, honed, tumbled and brushed.
  6. Depending on the requirement, edge profile is also defined for certain marble products like countertop before the installation. Common marble edge profiles are ogee, bullnose, Dupont, and waterfall, stair tread, chiselled and bevel, among others.
  7. An important point to be noted is that throughout various stages of marble processing, quality inspections are done multiple times that include checking the desired size, thickness, finish, edge profile and quality of the marble used. Because we aim to deliver nothing but the FINEST AT BHANDARI.
  8. Finally, the marble products are safely and properly packed in strong wooden crates to avoid any damage (chipping, scratch or breakage) during the transportation process.
  9. At Bhandari marbles, YOU DEMAND, WE DELIVER. Our team aims at providing everything that you are looking for.

Indian marble varieties are globally acclaimed for their amazing looks and high quality. In case you want a marble product to be installed somewhere at an overseas location, you can easily contact us for delivering quality products in your country on time.

Here at Bhandari Marble World, we feature rare and precious Italian marble varieties including Carrara, Calacatta, and Statuario. We’re happy to help you select the perfect marble, granite, or other surfacing material that’s ideal for your project.


Handcrafted marble accessories are also available in our stock. We try as hard as we can to make all marbles of each specific style look similar to the ones shown in my showroom. We have different.

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*By D.C.Bhandari*
*Since 1631*

Bhandari Classic white marble is ranked as the world’s most beautiful marble. Ahead of its time and all of its counterparts. Reaffirming itself as the benchmark in the marble industry, Bhandari Classic white has been ranked as No 1 in the world’s most reputable brands list. We have once again proved our expertise in the marble world.


The group in the guideline of Shree Roopchand Ji Sahab has been regularly involved in social activities helping the needy in the field of medicine, education and educating a girl child. Our grandfather always believed in social reforms such as women empowerment, educating girls, fighting against dowry and other social evils.


We have world-class packaging and polishing facilities. All kinds of marbles and granites available in various sizes and designs. Contact us for high-quality Italian Marble, imported marble in India or just view our products. We will moreover provide you with the best marble in India as per your requirements. For queries please visit our Frequently Asked Questions section. We have contacts in the following cities of India – Delhi, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Ahmedabad, Chennai, Kolkata, Surat, Pune, Jaipur, Lucknow, Kanpur, Nagpur, Indore, Thane, Bhopal, Visakhapatnam, Pimpri-Chinchwad, Patna, Vadodara, Ghaziabad, Ludhiana, Agra, Nashik, Faridabad, Meerut, Rajkot, Aurangabad, Dhanbad, Amritsar, Allahabad, Ranchi, Howrah, Coimbatore, Jabalpur, Gwalior, Vijayawada, Jodhpur, Madurai, Raipur, Kota, Guwahati, Chandigarh, Solapur, Hubballi, Dharwad, Bareilly, Moradabad, Mysore, Gurgaon, Aligarh, Jalandhar, Tiruchirappalli, Bhubaneswar, Salem, Kolhapur, Ajmer, Siliguri, Jammu, Malegaon, Udaipur, Tripura, Kozhikode, Bokaro, Bellary, Patiala, Agartala, Bhagalpur, Muzaffarnagar, Bhatpara, Rohtak, Korba, Bhilwara, Muzaffarpur.

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