SEMIPRECIOUS MARBLE Semi-Precious Marble, Sharp colors and brightness is the specialty of Semi-Precious Marble. Semi-precious Marble is Transparent and premium quality mostly used in Decorations and furniture.
Leading Manufacturer of Amethyst Marble Stone, Semi-Precious Marble, Grey Agate Back Light Marble Stone, Bron Agate Marble Stone, Semi-Precious Marble and Bron Agte Back Light Marble Stone from Kishangarh. To furnish the diverse requirements of our clients, we are engaged in producing semiprecious marble in India.

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ONYX MARBLE; Onyx Marble Product
We deal in Onyx marble, tiles, floor designs, flooring, marble images, India, marble prices, marble statues, marble suppliers, stones, etc. Get the high-quality Makrana Marble from Bhandari Marble at the best prices. Onyx is mostly made of calcite and is formed in caves in several areas around the world, mostly in the Middle East, North Africa, and South America. When water drips from stalactites and stalagmites and then evaporates, it leaves behind deposits of calcium carbonate and other minerals, causing the stone’s colorful bands, swirls, and spots. Many homeowners have used onyx to create a countertop for banquet tables, small islands, side tables or coffee tables, all of which can be backlit to enhance and accentuate the stone’s translucency. Onyx can also be used to create fireplace surrounds and wall tiles and panels, and it can be carved to create lamp bases, bowls, vases, and other decorative accents.

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Uses of Onyx Marble:
Onyx Marble Has A Natural And Beautiful White Colour With Different Variations Being Stricken With A Tinge Of Golds And Greys. This Marble Is Optimized For Commercial And Home Applications And Appear As Frontrunning Variety In Designing Counter Tops; Table Tops Fireplace Surroundings And Bathrooms Vanity.
• Wall Cladding
• Dining Hall
• Kitchen
• Lobby
• Table Top
Onyx Marble
*smokey Onyx Marble
*Spider Onyx Marble
*Sunrise Onyx Marble
*Travo Onyx Marble
*White Onyx Marble
*White Tiger Onyx Marble
*Royal Cappuccino Onyx Marble
*Pink onyx marble

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Onyx tiles are becoming popular for walls, floors, and countertops because of this precious stone’s beauty.
Both marble and onyx start life as sedimentary rock. Marble is metamorphosed due to heat and pressure and becomes harder. Onyx is a microsilicate quartz and is often translucent with bands of color. It is not as hard as the other materials used for countertops such as granite or marble
Although onyx is a harder material than granite and marble, and equally hard when compared to quartz, its calcium composition makes it susceptible to etching much like marble. Black onyx is perhaps the most famous variety but is not as common as onyx with colored bands
Onyx is actually a type of marble and it has many of the same properties. … An interesting quality of onyx is its lack of opacity. Onyx is more translucent than marble, making it a great stone for lighting or for creative purposes like a backlit wall or surface that casts a glow and enhances the stone’s patterns.

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Calacatta is one of the most precious and appreciated Italian marbles, above all for prestigious projects and extremely refined furnishing elements. Extracted from the Carrara quarries, this marble has been used since the Renaissance in the most exclusive projects for its delicate magnificence and for the ability to transmit with extreme elegance the most refined aesthetic luxury. The base of the Calacatta marble is crystalline white. Depending on the color of the veins, however, we can have various types: the Calacatta Caldia is superb in shades of mint green without forgetting the Calacatta Crema in shades of light beige tending to ivory. Unique, sought-after and splendid in its enigmatic transparencies and in the brilliance of its surface is then the Calacatta Oro that gives the elegant veins in yellow-gold that literally ‘shine’ on the white surface of the base.

The White Thassos Extra Marble of Greece
Bianco Thassos

The White Thassos Extra Marble is a particularly precious material that comes from Greece. Its value is to have a very fine grain, which gives it a particular crystalline touch, and an absolute white background that has neither veins nor intrusions. The slabs are usually small and carefully selected according to their more candid color. Given the intrinsical beauty of the material, the most suitable processing is the polishing that makes it incredibly bright and suitable for enhancing any type of construction. Usually, White Thassos Extra marble is used for interiors, decorative objects, and luxury coverings. Its superb whiteness is often enhanced by the combination with other darker marbles such as the Black of Belgium, the Portoro or the Botticino marble.

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Amazonite Granite
Looking at a slab of Amazonite, a very precious granite from Brazil, it seems like you are in front of a contemporary work of art: its incredibly moving structure, in fact, creates unexpected suggestions that come to life through the thousand tones of emerald and blue. The Amazonite has the power to enchant those who stop to observe it and its value reinforces the magic. In luxury interior design, this material is mainly used as a coating with an open-book stain finish in small spaces, niches in showers, in particular, to reinforce the en Plein air effect. Not being resistant to frost, the Amazonite is unlikely to be used for outdoor installations.

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