ndian Marble and Indian Granite:

Indian Granite is an igneous rock, which means it was once molten and formed as it cooled deep within the earth. The Indian Marble was once limestone that changed due to intense heat and pressure.

Which is Superior Indian marble or Indian granite?

Indian marble is superior when it comes to using in indoor settings, and it is more resistant to dust and water. Indian granite, Exterior areas, while durable, functional granite can be used rough aria-like kitchen and bathroom and staircase in your home Villa.

Can we mix Indian marble with Indian granite?

Both are Natural stones that everyone loves Indian marble and Indian granite. Yes! You Can mix together two different Stones in your home villas like Indian granite for the exterior, Kitchen, bathroom, and Staircase and Indian Marble for the Interior and whole of your home.

What kind of rock are Indian marble and Indian granite?
Indian granite contains Feldspar, Quartz which is minerals. Indian Marble is metamorphic because created by the transformation of another type of limestone called sedimentary Rocks.

Is Indian Marble cheaper than Indian granite?
Indian marble is less expensive than Indian granite, starting at ₹ 30/square foot to ₹ 100 per square feet. Indian granite starts at ₹ 50/square foot and can go over ₹ 200 per square feet.

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In Natural stone, When it comes to adding that touch of elegance to home, villa, hotel, resort, and project interiors, there’s nothing quite like Indian marble. This real Natural stone can instantly amp up the look of any home. But, have you ever wondered which is the better Indian marble or Indian granite between Indian marble and Indian granite? Here, we will give you a comprehensive list of things to keep in mind while choosing Indian marble or Indian granite for your home by comparing these two popular options. While there’s a lot of info out there and it’s easy to get overwhelmed, here are the basic differences you need to know between Indian marble and Indian granite.

That’s how elegant Indian marble can make your room look
What is Indian marble?
You can match your Flooring Elevation Decoration with your home for a uniform look
Indian marble is quarried extensively in Rajasthan and Kishangarh is the biggest market, making it a cost-effective choice available in a wide variety of colors and textures. Indian marble has a medium luster and is a relatively harder stone. It is quarried in everywhere in India and is now easily available in Kishangarh Rajasthan as well. These Indian granites are usually available in slabs.

Popular types of Indian Granite countertop looks regal
It comes in an astonishing array of colors such as white, pink, yellow, green, red, and black. Some of the popular varieties include:

Indian marble
white Makrana marble used in the Taj Mahal,
High-quality Ambaji marble
The widely exported Indian marble
Indian Statuario marble
pink marble
Onyx marble which gets its name from the thick bands of alternating color, etc. Indian granite colors and textures, though there are a few varieties that are instantly recognizable such as The much-valued black granite which is characterized by its black color shot with the plain gold spot.




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