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Marble Flooring, Elevation, Decoration, and Countertop

Marble has its own type of appeal to anybody that loves it. The stone can have a homey type of appearance with a natural look or it can have that Bhandari marble stone studio quality that many are looking for. If you love a natural stone this type of stone would work well in your home, villa, hotel, and projects. Marble flooring, Elevation, Decoration & Countertops: A Guide to Choosing & Maintaining White Marble. Discover everything you need to know about the popular surface before you start picking out slabs

Marble Collections


When it comes to selecting flooring, Elevation, Decoration, and countertops, classic white marble remain the top choice for many homes, Villa, Hotel, and Projects. It’s no surprise that marble is so popular—the material has been attracting fans from centuries,  a natural material with a great variety, depending on which species you select and how it’s cut. It creates a really lovely natural pattern, which you don’t get with a lot of artificial materials.

You won’t find anything as white in nature as white marble, added by King Sahnjaha the great emperor who made the Taj Mahal. You just don’t get that color and kind of figuring in any other type of natural stone. But it’s not a perfect product. While good-quality marbles, such as the world-famous products from Kishangarh, India, Carrara, Italy, are dense and relatively nonporous which makes them durable and stain-resistant.

A nonaffiliated metamorphic rock, marble is generally composed of calcium carbonate or magnesium carbonate; they can be a beautiful, functional choice for your design that lasts a lifetime.

Types of Marble

Although many people automatically think of creamy, white stone when they think of marble, there are hundreds of varieties, says Architects and Interior designers including types that are taupe, green, gold, red, and black. We put a thousand caveats on any dark marble or nonwhite marble being used for kitchen countertops. While classic Makrana white & Italian white marbles like Calacatta and Statuario are generally excellent quality and a great idea for flooring, Elevation, Decoration, and Countertop.


How to Select Marble Slabs

Every stone slab is slightly different, so it’s ideal to select the exact pieces of marble stone that will be used for your home, villa, hotel and project flooring, elevation, decoration, and countertops. There’s an art to marble—selecting the slabs and understanding where the veining is going to be located on the flooring elevation, decoration, and countertop, you want to artfully place the markings so that it’s almost like a dream.

Marble Collections

Veining in Marble

Every quarry is different, but it’s possible to cut certain types of marble blocks two different ways to achieve unique veining patterns. Crosscut, or fleuri cut, results in stone slabs with an open flowered pattern, which looks fairly random and is ideal for book-matching. Vein cut, the block the other way to achieve a linear, striped appearance.


Marble Finishes

The whole stone industry has been going through a massive wave of technology, and it’s transforming the product, which might be called a leather, brushed, or river-wash finish. Most popular choices remain polished, which looks glossy, or honed, which appears matter. The good marble is that you can always sand it down or polish it again, with a lot of other materials, once you damage it, you can’t do that.

संगमरमर का फर्श

संगमरमर, इतालवी संगमरमर, बलुआ पत्थर, ग्रेनाइट और अन्य आयातित संगमरमर

भंडारी मार्बल ग्रुप मार्बल मार्केट में शीर्ष गुणवत्ता वाले संगमरमर आपूर्तिकर्ताओं के लिए जाना जाता है । के बाद से 1631 हम विनिर्माण और उच्च गुणवत्ता की आपूर्ति कर रहे संगमरमर और ग्रेनाइट भारत में। हमारे पास 500 से अधिक अद्वितीय डिजाइन और विभिन्न-अलग आकार के पत्थर और ग्रेनाइट हैं। इसलिए उनके पास चुनने के लिए लोगों के पास बहुत सारे विकल्प हैं। हम गोमेद संगमरमर, संगमरमर पत्थर, स्टैच्यूएरियो संगमरमर , इतालवी संगमरमर , भारतीय संगमरमर, किशनगढ़ संगमरमर , ग्रेनाइट में सौदा करते हैं और किसी भी प्रकार का प्राकृतिक पत्थर प्रदान करते हैं जो हमारे ग्राहकों की आवश्यकता है। हम सबसे प्रतिष्ठित आपूर्तिकर्ताओं, निर्माताओं हैं, निर्यातकों, आयातित संगमरमर आपूर्तिकर्ता बाजार में। हम आपके घर, कार्यालय, होटल, अस्पताल और किसी भी अन्य स्थान पर तेज और गुणवत्ता वाली सेवा के साथ आयातित और भारतीय मार्बल्स का शानदार संग्रह प्रदान करते हैं।

हम प्राकृतिक पत्थर की गुणवत्ता, मात्रा और परिष्करण के लिए अच्छी तरह से जाने जाते हैं या सबसे प्रसिद्ध हैं। के बाद से 1631 हम इस क्षेत्र के लिए आए हैं। लोग हमें संगमरमर के क्षेत्र की अग्रणी कंपनी कहते हैं। किशनगढ़ संगमरमर, भारत में संगमरमर, ग्रेनाइट, भारत में ग्रेनाइट, भारत में सैंडस्टोन, सैंडस्टोन. हमारे पास भारतीय संगमरमर और किशनगढ़ संगमरमर , ग्रेनाइट, बलुआ पत्थर के महान संग्रह और संगमरमर के पत्थर के लिए नवीनतम और काटने और परिष्करण उपकरण हैं।

हमारे पास नवीनतम तकनीकों के साथ संगमरमर के पत्थर को काटने, परिष्करण और आपूर्ति के लिए पूरी तरह से अनुभवी टीम है।

हम सबसे बड़े संगमरमर निर्माताओं, आपूर्तिकर्ताओं, और संगमरमर , इतालवी संगमरमर , संगमरमर का फर्श, गोमेद संगमरमर, Statuario संगमरमर , बलुआ पत्थर, किशनगढ़ संगमरमर , भारतीय संगमरमर, मकराना संगमरमर , और ग्रेनाइट जैसे ग्रेनाइट पत्थर के सभी प्रकार के निर्यातकों में से एक हैं। कीमत। भारत में या दुनिया में कहीं भी किसी भी प्रकार के गुणवत्ता वाले संगमरमर, ग्रेनाइट की तलाश में, आप सबसे अच्छे स्थान पर हैं। हम भारत में या दुनिया भर में कहीं भी थोक मूल्य पर गुणवत्ता वाले संगमरमर, ग्रेनाइट, चूना पत्थर आदि प्रदान करते हैं।

हमारी विशेषज्ञता

हम संगमरमर पत्थर की गुणवत्ता, मात्रा और परिष्करण के विशेषज्ञ हैं, यह हमारी अपराजेय रणनीति है या कोई भी हमारी गुणवत्ता और कीमत से मेल नहीं खा सकता है। हमारे पास भारतीय संगमरमर, इतालवी संगमरमर, ग्रेनाइट, बलुआ पत्थर और कई अन्य संगमरमर पत्थर का विस्तृत संग्रह है। हमारे पास इंजीनियरों की सबसे बड़ी और अधिकतम अनुभवी टीम है जो उचित मूल्य पर हमारे ग्राहकों को संगमरमर के उत्पादों को वितरित करती है।

हमारी उपलब्धियां

हम 1631 से एक लंबा सफर तय कर चुके हैं और हमारे लक्ष्य गुणवत्ता, मात्रा, परिष्करण पर अधिक हैं, जो किसी अन्य कंपनी द्वारा हासिल नहीं किया गया है। हमने सेवा और गुणवत्ता के मामले में प्रमुख रिकॉर्ड तोड़े हैं इसलिए संगमरमर की दुनिया के सच्चे अग्रणी हैं.


Floors are expensive Marble floors are a premium architectural element, and they are priced accordingly. Generally, they fall on the high-end range of all-natural stone, and they generally do not last as long as slate, granite, and other natural stone.


Understanding the cost of marble floor installation helps you plan your project with a practical budget in mind. Most homeowners pay about $1 to $ 2 per square foot for professionally installed marble flooring, but a number of factors affect the total cost.

Marble is a very popular natural stone that is quarried and cut into slabs and tiles for a variety of residential and commercial building applications, including countertops, floors, and wall tiles. … Granite typically has a pebbly or spotted color pattern, while marble usually has a wavy veined pattern.

Marble Floor Installation

If you have installed ceramic or porcelain tile—or any other kind of natural stone tile—the techniques for installing marble tiles will be familiar to you. Much of the process is nearly the same. Subfloor preparation is similar—cement board underlayment installed over a sturdy plywood subfloor is the best base for marble tiles, just as it is with ceramic tile.

Tiles are “glued” down with a thin-set adhesive—a mortar-based product that now is the standard for ceramic and stone tile products. Joints between tiles are grouted with a fine mortar product, with or without sand additives.

Marble tiles are quite thick, so laying the tiles over the top of the existing floor is rarely practical. Installing marble tile usually requires demolition and removal of the existing floor covering. By contrast, ceramic tile can sometimes be installed over the top of vinyl flooring or old ceramic tile. Because marble is very heavy when compared to ceramic products, it is critical that the subfloor is very sturdy. This may require some structural work to reinforce the joists supporting the subfloor.

Marble tiles are thick and hard, and cannot be cut with a snap cutter, which is commonly used for cutting ceramic tile. Only a motorized wet saw will work for marble tile. Holes in marble tile must be cut with special whole saws with diamond blades.

Unlike ceramics, which have an impervious, glazed surface, marble is a porous stone that must be sealed before it is grouted to prevent staining. And the entire surface must be resealed periodically to keep the surface looking good. Unlike glazed ceramic tile, sealing must be done to the entire surface of marble tiles.

Pebble Art

Marble floor tile requires a smooth, flat, water-resistant base for installation. In most cases, this will require removing the existing floor covering down to the subfloor layer, which is usually plywood or MDF.

Once you have exposed the wood subfloor, cover it with a layer of cement board to add both stiffness and moisture-resistance to the floor. Cement board doesn’t stop moisture from passing through it—it’s not a vapor or moisture barrier—but it won’t be damaged by moisture as wood is. Cement board also is engineered to bond very well with thin-set mortar adhesive, which you will use to install your marble tile.

pebbles on a beach background texture. Banner wallpaper

To install cement board, spread thin-set adhesive over the wood subfloor, using a  notched trowel. Lay the cement board sheets into the thin-set and fasten them to the subflooring with cement board screws. Leave about space at all seams and where the cement board meets the walls.

Apply cement board joint tape over the seams between the cement board panels, then cover the tape with a thin layer of thin-set, using a 6-inch drywall knife. Make sure the seams are smooth and flat and flush with the panel faces.

Your installation will look best if the tiles radiate outward from the center of the room, rather than starting abruptly from one of the walls. In order to achieve this symmetrical effect, you need to create reference lines on the surface of the cement board underlayment.

Find the center of two opposing walls and use a chalk line to mark a path between them, dividing the room in half.

Web banner abstract smooth round pebbles sea texture background

Then, measure to the center of that line, and use a T-square to draw a perpendicular line at the mark, using a pencil. Snap a chalk line across the floor using the pencil line as a guide, dividing the floor into four equal quadrants.

Check your layout by test-fitting full tiles along both reference lines from wall to wall. If the last row of tiles against any of the walls is less than a few inches wide, adjust your chalk line grid as needed so that the tiles along the walls are an acceptable width, based on your preference. This usually means that a tile, rather than a grout line, will be at the very center of the floor, but there’s really no drawback to this.

Mix and Spread the Mortar

Mix thin-set mortar according to the manufacturer’s instructions. Mix only a little bit at a time, and make more when necessary. Using a notched trowel, spread the adhesive onto the floor, starting at a corner of the layout where the reference lines intersect at the center of the room.

As you work, use the notched edge of the trowel to create grooves in the mortar. This will increase the adhesive strength of the bond between the cement board and the bottom of the marble.

marble flooring

Note: On marble tiles that are square and smaller, a notched trowel will create large enough grooves. However, if you have much larger tiles, or if you are using irregular tumbled or natural cleft materials, use a notched trowel to create wider, deeper grooves in the adhesive.

Spread enough mortar to easily cover the bottom of a single tile, and make sure that its entire surface is notched. Gently press the first tile into place, aligning two of its edges with the chalk lines in the corner of the layout. As you press it down, twist the tile slightly to ensure that it properly sets in the mortar bed below.


2020 Natural Stone Slabs and Tiles OUTDOOR DESIGN TRENDS … There are numerous ways to install natural stone in the outdoors. … Here you will find ideas that you can do with natural stone to decorate

These elements of design include mass, form, stone texture, and color. In the landscape, they are used to transform space and create a unique experience. While color stone and texture add interest and richness to design, it is mass, form, and line that is critical to organizing space and providing structure.

Desert, Plain, Taiga, Tundra, Wetland, Mountain, Mountain range, Cliff, Coast, Littoral zone, Glacier, Polar regions of Earth, Shrubland, Forest, Rainforest, Woodland, Jungle, Moors.


SIMPLICITY: Elements that do not provide improvement or impact on the design can be omitted.

VARIETY: Shape, size, and form selections should be diverse in order to create visual interest.

BALANCE: Everything that is placed in the design will carry a certain visual weight with it.

As the weather gets warmer, we all start spending more of our time outdoors. Our attention shifts from interior design projects to our outdoor spaces. Warmer months mean the chance to sit in the sunshine and enjoy cooking and eating meals with family and friends out in the fresh air. But, is your garden up to scratch for entertaining? If your backyard looks like it’s in need of a little tender loving care – or maybe an injection of some wow factor – then you’re in the right place. BHANDARI MARBLE GROUP design collection presents gorgeous ideas on how to expertly present your al fresco dining and open-air lounge areas

Whether you have a tiny patio or an expansive garden, our guide to creating a luxurious outdoor area will help you take full advantage of warm weather. So read on for stylish backyard and patio ideas to try in your own spaces, from colorful stone design tips to minimalist dining nooks.

To make your outdoor living space really feel like part of the house, create an outdoor kitchen, complete a grill, prep station, countertop, and mini-fridge. To become the neighborhood party house, you should also invest in a fire pit and hot tub, which are both great outdoor ideas for those cooler nights.

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