This marble is coming from katni, pink green marble color mainly supplies by us.
The price of katni marble is starting from Rs.40 to 100 per sq.ft. the superior quality of katni.
Katni Marble: Physical origins
Marble is a rock resulting from metamorphism of sedimentary carbonate rocks, most commonly limestone or dolomite rock. Metamorphism causes variable recrystallization of the original carbonate mineral grains. The resulting marble rock is typically composed of an interlocking mosaic of carbonate crystals. Primary sedimentary textures and structures of the original carbonate rock have typically been modified or destroyed.
Pure white marble is the result of metamorphism of a very pure limestone or dolomite protolith. The characteristic swirls and veins of many colored marble varieties are usually due to various mineral impurities such as clay, silt, sand, iron oxides, or chert which were originally present as grains or layers in the limestone. Green coloration is often due to serpentine resulting from originally magnesium-rich limestone or dolostone with silica impurities. These various impurities have been mobilized and recrystallized by the intense pressure and heat of the metamorphism.
Construction marble
Construction marble is a stone that is composed of calcite, dolomite or serpentine which is capable of taking a polish. More generally in construction, specifically the dimension stone trade, the term marble is used for any crystalline calcitic rock and some non-calcitic rocks useful as building stone. For example, Katni marble is really a dense granular fossiliferous gray to pink.
Katni Marble:
Katni Marble, get all the details about natural stones and details about their properties, design and other information.
Katni Marble is very good looking Marble. It is Indian Beige Marble which looks like Italian Beige Marble but in very Cheap Price Range.
Marble Type: Indian Katni Marble
Origin: India
Application Area: Flooring
Usage/Application: Flooring Marble – Green Katni Marble Manufacturer from Kishangarh
Manufacturer of Katni Marble – Green Katni Marble, Katni Aqua Marble, Katni Beige Marble, and Katni Premium Marble
What is Katni Wonder marble?
More the variegation or the veins on the surface of the katni wonder marble, more the level minerals other than the carbonates, that is, more the impurity. The chaste white of Wonder White is a beckoning beacon that glorifies the quality of the marble.
Which katni marble is best for flooring?
Katni Marble flooring is the best choice for indoor areas like foyers, halls, and bedrooms. Polished marble surfaces also tend to be slippery when used in bathrooms. Since marble absorbs water and stains easily, katni marble is a practical choice for kitchens.
What is Katni stone?
Katni Marble has a beige color with a broad strip pattern which looks amazing when it is used in exterior & interior design projects. This stone has high compressive strength and high modulus rupture. It is a natural stone that is used to make beautiful designs and figures.
Slab Katni Beige Marble, Thickness: 15-20 Mm. Katni Greenish Marble. Rs 45/ Square FeetGet Latest Price. Thickness: 20 mm, 30 mm, 40 mm, 50 mm, 60 mm, 70 mm Available. Application Area: Counter/Vanity Top, Flooring, Cladding, Marble Handicrafts, Swimming Pool Areas, Bathroom Walls.
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