Indian marble flooring v/s Italian marble flooring

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What are the differences in Italian marble flooring v/s Indian marble flooring designs, color, and price in India:

Indian marble flooring:

The floor style of Indian marble is always good looking, maintenance-free, ruff, and tuff low price, easy to available, Indian marble flooring design helps to floor your home Villa hotel hospital and projects. Indian marble flooring gives the interior a long-lasting look and feel.

Best Indian marble flooring: White Marble, green marble, yellow marble, pink marble, red marble, blue marble, grey marble, brown marble, and many other colors available in Indian marble flooring for your interior and exterior.

Best Indian White Marble Flooring for your interior and exterior:
Indian marble flooring very famous, India is a hub of marble flooring products, like blocks, slabs, tiles, Mosaic, and many other Flooring options. In India, Rajasthan, Kishangarh is the marble city or marble kingdom and we Bhandari Marble Group is the king of Indian Marble Flooring. The city where maximum Indian marble flooring producers and process units Manufacturer, Supplier, Exporter, Wholesaler, Distributor, companies available.

We Bhandari marble group a renowned Manufacturer, Supplier, Exporter Wholesaler Distributor of Italian marble in India since 1631. We are the pioneer in Indian marble flooring suppliers. We offer a wide range of Indian marble flooring with assured quality with quantity and the most competitive price in India.

A famous example of Indian Marble Flooring:
Taj Mahal, Victoria memorial, Delwara Jain temple, Birla Mandir,
And many historical buildings, forts, temples, churches,
Monuments made from Indian Marble.

Indian Marble Flooring Price:
The price of Indian marble flooring starts from 50 ₹ per square feet or 8 $ per square meter to 750 ₹ per square feet or 100 $ per square meter, cheaper than Italian marble in India.
The price depends on the color, design, size, thickness, finish polish of Indian marble flooring.

Bold and beautiful Indian marble flooring:
Indian marble flooring bold in color and beautiful in look always attractive Flooring options in India.
Purple love Indian marble flooring in gulf countries and all around the world. We Bhandari marble group export Indian marble and granite Flooring to more than 75 Countries in the latest time.

New arrival best Indian marble flooring:
Indian Statuario Marble, Indian Carrara Marble, and Wonder white marble are the new product of Indian marble flooring available with us. These latest Indian marbles are good alternative options of Italian marble at a reasonable price and suit to average home Flooring budget. Our Research and Development team all invent new marble flooring products in Inda and very popular all around the world.

Italian marble flooring:
Italian Marble flooring gives the eye-catching, Royal appearance to the home villa, hotel, hospital, and project flooring with its beautiful designs, multi-color, long lusters. Italian marble is widely demanded all around the world for its high quality and appealing to the flooring of the home villa. It is quarried in Italy and process in India by the Bhandari marble group. In early 1969 our leader Mr. Roopchandji visited Italy in search of the best quality marble and he introduced Italian marble in India. He is the pioneer of Italian marble in India.
We at Bhandari marble group is made easy to available Italian Marble in India as well. Italian marble is usually available in slabs and we can customize any size and thickness in India as per your requirement.

Italian Marble is famous for its beauty, durability, and long life. Italian Marble’s raw stone blocks are imported from Italy in India and supply all around the world has a high demand. Italian marble is very good in quality. The most famous type of Marble is white Statuario, Calacatta, Carrara Perlato, Dyna, and beige Marble.

The greatest statue of Michelangelo by David architects and interior designers of that time have long since known the class that Italian Marble holds in itself and the rich excellence. Italian marble generates good energy when used intelligently in your home.
Italian marble is a dream come true for every homeowner for an outstanding look that gives a Royal feel like a king. The Italian Marble flooring costs sleight more than Indian marble it starts from 250 Rs to 10000 Rs per Square feet depends on each specific type of Italian marble. The widest range of Italian Marble available with our factory outlet showroom.

Cozy and Charming Italian marble flooring:

Italian Marble floor design:

The best floor decor is Italian marble in India. All top Architects and interior designers like Italian marble flooring options in India. The main two marble Italian and Indian that see us sparring overall floor design. Since the average budget homeowners prefer Indian marble and high-end villa owners used Italian marble flooring. Italian marble flooring statement and instantly add a dash of heritage charm to any property marble floor design.
Concussion for Indian marble v/s Italian marble flooring


7 wonder of the World the Taj Mahal in Agra to the Victoria Memorial in Kolkata, several heritage landmarks in India made from Indian marble flooring. This Indian marble flooring, which is actually metamorphosed limestone, is found in abundance mostly in India, Rajasthan, Kishangarh, and comes in a range of price points for various low budgets. The texture, hardness, color, pattern, and cost of each slab vary based on the quality, design, size, and thickness.


Over the centuries, both Indian and Italian marble used as prime material in flooring these Natural stone has long life make its way into the market. Most Italian marble to add an extra element of glamour and richness.
Italian marble is more expensive than Indian marble since it is quarried in Italy. however, Italian marble is appreciated for its Cozy and Charming high luster able to lend visual appeal to any home villa it is used in. Indian marble harder and only giving off a slight low in comparison to the Italian marble flooring and cost-efficient and comes in a variety of colors and textures. Both Indian and Italian marble flooring is easily available in our factory outlet in India. These days wide range of Indian and Italian marble flooring available.

Both are good Indian marble flooring is bold and beautiful and Italian Marble flooring cozi and charming.
you can choose which one suits the budget that’s best for you.




Indian marble flooring v/s Italian marble flooring
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