White Statuario Italian Marble

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What should I look for in a white Statuario Italian marble?

What is the highest quality marble?

  • White Statuario Italian Marble is so Finest Marble in the World and available in our factory outlet showroom in India. History: White Statuario marble is steeped in heritage.
  • Heritage: White Statuario marble is considered superior is due to the natural stone look and working heritage.
  • White Statuario marble Stone Quality: White Statuario Italian marble is practically peerless in the natural stone world when it comes to its durability, purity beauty, long-lasting, status sambal, eye-catching, bold and beautiful, Cozy and charming, etc.
STATUARIO MARBLE | Bhandari Marble Group

Are you licensed importer and exporter?

Big Yes, The Importer and exporter, who is the company or entity sending or transporting the goods out of the country. The importer, who is the person or entity buying or transporting goods from another country into the importer’s home country. The carrier, which is the entity handling the physical transportation of the goods, and yes we are.

What kind of training/experience do your team have?

From 387 years working in domestic and from 51 years working in Export-Import we can say our Team is most experienced in the World. Top Teamwork Skills in our team:
Most experienced,
Reliability and Punctuality, Completing tasks on time, and being punctual are basic abilities.

  • Verbal and Written Communication Skills.
  • Listening Skills.
  • Positivity.
  • Conflict Management.
  • Organizing and Planning.
  • Problem-solving.
  • Decision-making
  • Research and development,
  • Friendly with the latest technology.
  • 24 × 7 readies for help for our CUSTOMERS
  • We can give 100 into 100 Marks to our team.

What is the Marble Association and why are you members?

Marble Association is an organization involved in the development of Marble industry in and help customer to get the best price and good quality marble at market price and help Industrialist and labor for making so good relations.

Where are Bhandari marble group located?

Bhandari Marble group: Marble & Granite Manufacturers, Suppliers, Exporter, Wholesaler, Distributors, Trader, Dealers in India
Bhandari marble group are an India based exporter, supplier of premium quality marbles, granite, sandstone, limestone, quartz, Stone mosaic, Slate, Wall cladding stone, Marble Handicrafts, Kota stone, Dholpur stone, tabletops, countertops, cobbles, pebbles, etc. procured from the India, Rajasthan, Kishangarh. we were referred to BHANDARI MARBLE GROUP THE PIONEER GROUP of marble granite and natural stone.

How can we reach your factory outlet showroom?

Now Kishangarh is well connected by air, road, and train you can book your ticket for Kishangarh and 2 nd option you can reach in Jaipur the pink city capital of Rajasthan and our car is available always there to visit you in our factory outlet showroom.
Bhandari Marble group: Marble & Granite Manufacturers, supplier, exporter, and Dealers in India. We are an India based supplier of premium quality marbles, granite, and Natural stone, Feel Free to contact us. We will confirm your booking, Make a payment online. Then we were referred to BHANDARI MARBLE GROUP.

What is your sterilization process like?

We give you information about how we handle our sterilization process. THE ULTRA-MODERN B-CLASS AUTOCLAVE FOR FOOL- PROOF.

How do I have to be to get pierced?

All our price list available on our website for more information or Inquiry you can contact us, our sales team ready to help you 24 × 7.
Marble Price | Marbles Prices Lists – Bhandari Marble Group Marble Price, Indian Marble Price List, Export Quality Price List, Imported Marble Price List, Statuario Marble Boutique Price List from Bhandari Marble group, India, Rajasthan, Kishangarh.

What kind of identification do I need to get about marble, granite, and Natural Stone Flooring, Elevations, Decoration, countertops, landscaping, Monuments, Handicrafts, cobbles, Pebbles, veneers, wall cladding stone, etc?

Types of Stone, place of origin, finishes and polish, size thickness, price, color choice, and our stone expert’s advice for Marble, Granite, and natural stone. When it comes to flooring, elevation, decoration, and countertops, natural stone is one of the most environmentally-friendly choices you can make. This stone has many health benefits.

What are your policies for piercings?

Our prices are fix and a 3% discount available on a cash purchase and 7% extra for online booking of marble, granite, and stone. Fix price will help you to book online with enjoying an extra 7% discount in this pandemic time. The online booking would an emphasize the ‘MAKE IN INDIA’ policy and that in each of our stone.

What materials do you use for your products?

100% Natural and environment friendly material used in our factory.

What size and thickness do I need?

We can so customize every size and thickness as per Architects interior designers Builders’ and CUSTOMERS’ requirements.

Can you order online my requirement of my stone?

Yes, we are using so highest standard and quality control of our natural stone, we have worlds most reputed company with the highest 5-star reviews from our customers on Google, that’s why you can book online and enjoy 7% extra discount in this covid 19 pandemic time.

How much does the transport cost?

Our expert dispatch manager was always ready to help you and try to reduce your transportation cost and fright.

Why do you charge separately for marble, granite, and stone?

Each and every natural stone is unique and the cost of every product depends on the look, size thickness, and government royalties and taxes also.

How much does the marble tile cost?

Marble tile costs start from 15 Rs to 50 Rs per Square feet but slabs are more costly.

Do you sell marble Handicrafts?

Surely we are selling exporting marble Handicrafts, stone, monuments, and granite countertops and each and every product of natural stone which you require.

Do you have cash discounts?

Yes, 3% cash discount available and online booking 7% extra.

What forms of payment do you accept?

We accept all types of payments bank cheque, rtgs, nift, transfer and cards.

Do I need an appointment?

No need for an appointment we have a very big team to help you anytime.

Do I need an advance deposit to set up an order?

As per company policy, you can deposit 50% advance and 50% at the time of dispatch.

What should I do to prepare for getting new products News?

We daily update new products, new finishes, latest designs, and everything on our website blogs so please you can read or in touch with our research and development team always. This is advice for Architects interior designers Builders and customers also.

I want a finished stone can you help?

Yes, we can cut and finish as per your requirement, and our technical team advises you on the so best finish selection.

Can I bring my Architect or interior designer with me?

Sure sir, all Architects, and Interior designers are so most welcome in our factory outlet showroom.

Can I bring my wife and family members for support with me?

Yes sir, we always advice to come with your wife because most of time she spend in home and if she is happy whole family is enjoying.

Is car parking allowed in the showroom?

Sure sir, you can park your car in our porch with the capacity of 100 cars at a time enough for your team.

How do I take care of my marble granite and natural stone?

All guidelines are available on our website and you can take help of our experts in this concern.

What can I expect from your sales team?

Our sales team is number 1 in the world, they can help you about choosing of products, advice you for size, finishes, guide you where you can so use witch stone and ever type of help you need they provide you.

How long will my order ready?

Mostly all types of marble, granite and natural stone ready available in our factory but if you need special size finish and thickness then either in 15 days we can ready your order but due to covid 19 pandemic time their may be some effect.

Does it Natural?

100% Natural stones available in our factory outlet showroom.

How long until I can enjoy out for extended periods of time?

With good care you can enjoy life time your natural stone purchase from Bhandari marble group, India, Rajasthan, Kishangarh.

Will you help me put new stone in, or remove my old flooring?

Sure, our contractors are so ready to remove old flooring and fix the latest Italian marble or any of your choice on your flooring surfaces.

Do I need to order my stone for CNC and waterjet finishes?

Yes, we can do CNC and waterjet type of most modern finishes on marble granite and natural stone, that make us so superior from our rivals.

I’m having a problem with my budget/ I think my piercing is low what do I do?

Don’t worry, we have all types budget friendly low price marble granite also. These stone price start from 5 rs per Square feet for your so low budget.

What should I look for in Contractor for fixing ?

Our expert skilled contractor is so most important for your stone fixing need, unskilled Contractor make no sense to use natural stone.

For more information and inquiry you can visit our website or contact with our marble, granite and stone team 24 × 7 ready to help you. Advance congratulations for your new home or renovation.




White Statuario Italian Marble
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