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Our team aims at providing everything that you are looking for. Find the finest at Bhandari. The products have been processed using the beat technology, so that the finished product is flawless and the order can be customized depending on the requirement
Bhandari Marble Group is the well known for top quality marble suppliers in marble market. Since 1631 we are manufacturing and supplying the top quality marble and Granite in India. We have more than 500 unique designs and different-different sizes of marbles and Granite. So people have lots of choices to choose from them. We deal in onyx marble, marble stone, Statuario marble, Italian marble, Indian marble, Kishangarh marble, granite and provide any kind of natural stone with great finishing that our customers need. We are the most reputed suppliers, manufacturers, exporters, imported marble in the market. We provide great collection of imported and Indian marbles to your home, office, hotel, hospital and any other location with fast and quality service.
We are well known or most famous for quality, quantity, and finishing of natural stone. Since 1631 we have come to this field. People call us the pioneer company of marble field.
The Taj Mahal is entirely clad in marble.
Marble is a metamorphic rock composed of re-crystallized carbonate minerals, most commonly calcite or dolomite. Marble is typically not foliated, although there are exceptions. In geology, the term “marble” refers to metamorphosed limestone, but its use in stonemasonry more broadly encompasses un-metamorphosed limestone. Marble is commonly used for sculpture and as a building material.
The most serious contender of the Indian natural stones industry is India especially in the granite trade due to its lower prices. India is an important contender too marble granite industries investing mainly in the infrastructure and machineries increase their production capabilities to a greater extent. Marble was used for building tombs, temples and palaces. For a long time Bhandari was considered as Royal Stone.
Bhandari Marble Group brings you the finest quality naturally occurring colored stones & slabs i.e from the marvellous marble to the sturdy sandstone from the tough paving’s to the beautiful rainforest marble, from the classy international marble to our exclusive collection of marble, all of these are sourced from corners of globe. Our selection of stones like marbles & granites are famed for their eye catching shades and excellent texture, which makes them an ideal option to decorate your home.
Indian Marbles
Indian Marble is known for its beautiful textures, strength and durability. We offer these beautiful Indian marble in quality and natural shine to use for commercial and residential purpose. Generally Indian is highly demand in pure white colour. We also export white Indian marble, pink, gold, onyx and more other colors.
Granite is one of the most commonly known types of rocks, used in everything from buildings to sculptures. It has been used for thousands of years and is regarded as a symbol of status, strength, and durability.
Bhandari Marble Group is also a proud exporter & importer of Granite in India and supplies around the world. With 500 variety of marble, Granite and stones. Bhandari Marble Group stone studio has the biggest and best quality Indian Granite collection.

We have the great collection of Indian marble Kishangarh marble, granite and sandstone with the great and latest cutting and finishing tools for marble stone. We have the fully experienced team for cutting, finishing and supplying the marble stone with the latest technologies.
We are one of the greatest marble manufacturers, suppliers, and exporters of all kind of marble stones like marble, Italian marble, Marble Flooring, Onyx marble, Statuario marble, Sandstone, Kishangarh marble, Indian marble, Makrana marble, and Granite at an affordable price. Looking for any kind of quality marble, granite in India or anywhere in the world, you are at the best place. We provide quality marble, Granite, Limestone etc in India or anywhere in all over the world at wholesale price.
Bhandari Marble Group brings you the finest quality naturally occurring colored stones & slabs i.e. from the marvellous marble to the sturdy sandstone from the tough paving’s to the beautiful rainforest marble, from the classy international marble to our exclusive collection of marble, all of these are sourced from corners of globe. Our selection of stones like marbles & granites are famed for their eye catching shades and excellent texture, which makes them an ideal option to decorate your home

Knowing which marble to choose and how to choose it is a tedious task for those who don’t quite know what to look for. Re-modelling projects catered by individuals sometimes go extremely haywire in the absence of correct information about the application of the marble so chosen. Architects and interior designers are, hence, on a constant hunt for best products to specify their clients.

We are specialize in quality, quantity and finishing of marble stone, that is our unbeatable strategy or no one can match our quality and price. We have the wide collection of Indian marble, Italian marble, granite, sandstone and many other marble stone. We have the largest and maximum experienced team of engineers who delivers the marble products to our customers at reasonable price.

We have come a long way since 1631 and our goals have been high on quality, quantity and finishing which is not achieved by any other company. We have broken major records in terms of service and quality hence the true pioneer of marble world.

The group in the guideline of Shree Roopchand Ji Sahab has been regularly involved in social activates helping the needy in the field of medicine, education and educating girl child. Our grandfather always believed in social reforms such as women empowerment, educating girls, fight against dowry and other social evils!

More Than 1 Millions of Happy Customers across the Globe and Company growing very fast is not only a proof. There is a Big Group of experienced team of workers supervisors and engineers which deliver unmatchable products.
आपका स्वागत है
भंडारी संगमरमर समूह
संगमरमर प्रकार – इतालवी, बलुआ पत्थर, ग्रेनाइट और अन्य आयातित संगमरमर
भंडारी संगमरमर समूह अच्छी तरह से उच्च गुणवत्ता के लिए जाना जाता है संगमरमर आपूर्तिकर्ताओं संगमरमर बाजार में। 1631 के बाद से हम विनिर्माण और उच्च गुणवत्ता की आपूर्ति कर रहे संगमरमर और ग्रेनाइट भारत में। हम 500 से अधिक अद्वितीय डिजाइन और पत्थर और ग्रेनाइट के विभिन्न-विभिन्न आकारों की है। ताकि लोगों को विकल्प के बहुत सारे उन लोगों से चुनना है। हम गोमेद संगमरमर, संगमरमर पत्थर, में सौदा Statuario संगमरमर , इतालवी संगमरमर , भारतीय संगमरमर, किशनगढ़ संगमरमर , ग्रेनाइट और महान परिष्करण है कि हमारे ग्राहकों की जरूरत के साथ प्राकृतिक पत्थर के किसी भी प्रकार प्रदान करता है। हम सबसे प्रतिष्ठित आपूर्तिकर्ताओं, कर रहे हैं निर्माताओं, निर्यातकों, बाजार में आयातित संगमरमर आपूर्तिकर्ताओं। हम अपने घर, कार्यालय, होटल, अस्पताल और तेजी से और गुणवत्ता सेवा के साथ किसी अन्य स्थान के लिए आयात और भारतीय पत्थर के महान संग्रह प्रदान करते हैं।

हम अच्छी तरह से ज्ञात या गुणवत्ता, मात्रा, और प्राकृतिक पत्थर के परिष्करण के लिए सबसे प्रसिद्ध है। 1631 के बाद से हम इस क्षेत्र के लिए आए हैं। लोग हमें फोन संगमरमर क्षेत्र के अग्रणी कंपनी। किशनगढ़ मार्बल, भारत, ग्रेनाइट, भारत में ग्रेनाइट, बलुआ पत्थर, बलुआ पत्थर भारत में में संगमरमर हम के महान संग्रह है भारतीय संगमरमर और किशनगढ़ संगमरमर , ग्रेनाइट, बलुआ पत्थर संगमरमर पत्थर के लिए महान और नवीनतम काटने और परिष्करण उपकरणों के साथ।

हम काटने परिष्करण और नवीनतम तकनीकों के साथ संगमरमर पत्थर की आपूर्ति के लिए पूरी तरह से अनुभवी टीम है। हम सबसे बड़ी संगमरमर निर्माताओं, आपूर्तिकर्ताओं, और जैसे संगमरमर के पत्थरों की सभी प्रकार के निर्यातकों में से एक हैं संगमरमर , इतालवी संगमरमर , संगमरमर का फर्श, गोमेद संगमरमर, Statuario संगमरमर , बलुआ पत्थर, किशनगढ़ संगमरमर , भारतीय संगमरमर, मकराना संगमरमर एक किफायती, और ग्रेनाइट मूल्य। गुणवत्ता संगमरमर, भारत में ग्रेनाइट या विश्व में कहीं भी किसी भी तरह का के लिए खोज रहे हैं, तो आप सबसे अच्छी जगह पर हैं। हम गुणवत्ता संगमरमर, ग्रेनाइट, चूना पत्थर आदि भारत में या कहीं भी में दुनिया भर में थोक मूल्य पर प्रदान करते हैं।

हमारी विशेषज्ञता
हम गुणवत्ता, मात्रा और संगमरमर पत्थर के परिष्करण में विशेषज्ञता है कि हमारे अपराजेय रणनीति है या कोई भी हमारे गुणवत्ता और कीमत से मिलान कर सकते हैं। हम भारतीय संगमरमर, इतालवी संगमरमर, ग्रेनाइट, बलुआ पत्थर और कई अन्य संगमरमर पत्थर की व्यापक संग्रह है। हम इंजीनियरों जो उचित मूल्य पर हमारे ग्राहकों के लिए संगमरमर उत्पादों उद्धार के सबसे बड़े और अधिकतम अनुभवी टीम है।

हमारी उपलब्धियां
हम 1631 के बाद से एक लंबा सफर तय किया है और अपने लक्ष्यों को गुणवत्ता, मात्रा, परिष्करण जो किसी भी अन्य कंपनी के द्वारा प्राप्त नहीं किया गया है पर पहुंच गयी है। हम सेवा और गुणवत्ता इसलिए संगमरमर दुनिया के असली अग्रणी के मामले में प्रमुख रिकार्ड तोड़ दिया है।

सामाजिक गतिविधियों
श्री Roopchand जी साहब दिशानिर्देश में समूह नियमित रूप से चिकित्सा, शिक्षा के क्षेत्र में जरूरतमंद की मदद करने और बालिकाओं को शिक्षित सामाजिक सक्रिय में शामिल किया गया। हमारे दादा हमेशा इस तरह के महिला सशक्तिकरण, लड़कियों को शिक्षित करने, दहेज और अन्य सामाजिक बुराइयों के खिलाफ लड़ाई के रूप में सामाजिक सुधारों में विश्वास करते थे!

हजारों द्वारा पसंद
ग्लोब भर में खुश ग्राहकों और कंपनी के 1 से अधिक लाखों बहुत तेजी से बढ़ रहा है न केवल एक सबूत है। वहां श्रमिकों पर्यवेक्षकों और इंजीनियरों जो संयुक्त राष्ट्र मैच में सक्षम उत्पादों देने की अनुभवी टीम के एक बड़े समूह है।

Bhandari Marble Company
We are leading manufacturer, wholesaler, merchant, dealer, distributor, importer, exporter, stockist, and supplier of every type of marble.
Indian Marble, Italian Marble, Imported Marble, Statuario Marble, Wonder Marble, Onyx Marble, Travertine Marble, Emperador Marble, Banswara Marble, Makrana Marble, Makrana White Marble, Dungri Marble, Sawar Marble, Toronto Marble, Bottocino Marble, Dyna Marble, Perlato Marble, Ambaji Marble, Agariya Marble, Green Marble, Udaipur Green Marble, Forest Green Marble, Spider Green Marble, Rain Forest Marble, Rain Forest Green Marble, Rain Forest Brown Marble, Sunny Gold Marble, Jaisalmer Marble, Italian Gold Marble, Morwad Marble, Aaspur Marble, Marble Tiles, Marble Handicraft, Marble Jali, Marble pillars, marble temple, marble slabs, marble block, polished marble, semi precious marble, semi precious marble, beige marble , Red Levante Marble, Oman red marble , Milky white marble, Black Marble, Golden Portoro Marble, silver Portoro Marble, Vietnam White Marble, Swiss White Marble, Indian Statuario Marble, Bidasar Marble, Lady Onyx , Pink Onyx Marble, White Onyx Marble, Pink Onyx Marble, Green Onyx Marble, Salambur Onyx Marble, Statuario Marble, Crema Marfil Marble, Bianco Marfil Marble, Red Elecante Marble, Burberry Black Marble, China Black Marble, Sand Stone Marble, Dholpur Stone, Rampura Black Marble, Granite, Red Granite Black Granite, Tiger Onyx , Tiger Granite, Rubby Red Granite, Pink Granite, White Granite, Kashmir Granite, Madurai Granite, Assam Green Granite, Blue Pearl Granite, Black Pearl Granite, Imported Granite, China Granite, Dharmeta Marble, Quartz marble, quartz stone, lime stone, fire carnivel, cliff finish, antique finish , kota stone, Red Mandana Stone, Grey Marble, William Grey Marble, Grey flurry marble, Bottocino Marble.

Our Standards
Best Industry Practises
Since our inception only, we have been the pioneer company in marble granite and stone and known for our 100% commitment towards customer satisfaction, supplying premium quality marble tiles, slabs and mosaic at industry’s best competitive prices. To ensure this, we leave no stone un-turned and deliver products that are at par with our set quality standards and benchmarks

Our units
Epitome of our success
We are importer, exporter and quarry owner based in the heart of Marble kingdom of Makrana and Kishangarh .Our team consist of highly skilled and motivated personnel. Each step right from raw stone to polished and finished product is carried out with advanced and state of the art machinery. We believe in leadership by example. We have both quality and quantity in terms of stock available 24×7.

Strong industry presence
We have global presence in terms of Marbles and Granite through best dealer network throughout the world. We have successfully delivered numerous products. We continue to seek new partners for the fulfillment of their dreams. We deliver high quality marble process and packaging that brings smiles to our valued customers. We will definitely help you achieve your dream projects.
Our vision and endeavors
We are proud to say that we are the most reputed name in marble world with best goodwill. Be it architectural designs, state of the art facilities we believe in delivering customer excellence through our large variety of Marble and stones. Explore this space for more information about our company, our portfolio and the services we provide. Our site is regularly updated to bring to you latest designs and products.

Shortly about us
We deal in all types of Granites, Marble and Sandstones. Take a quick tour of our world class products here.

We would be more than happy to serve you.!!
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Welcome to Bhandari Marble World
One of the Largest Supplier of Best Quality Indian Marble, Italian Marble, Granite, Sandstone and other Imported Marbles. We deal in Indian Marble, Italian marble, granite, Italian marble companies, Italian marble floor designs, Italian marble flooring, Italian marble granite, Italian marble prices, Italian marble silvassa, Italian marble slabs, Italian marble statues, Italian marble suppliers, Italian marble tile, Italian stones, Onyx, Italian white marble.
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We are an India based supplier of premium quality marble, granite and sand stone procured from the best and most reliable marble suppliers in the market. We at Bhandari Marble Company boast ourselves as one of the most reputed suppliers and exporters of natural stone from India delivering flawless products suited to the needs of our esteemed clientele. Our elegant and refined collection of Indian and Imported marbles is available in various finishes and provides a tinge of luxury to your home, offices, restaurants and other places.
We deal in Indian Marble, Italian marble, granite, companies, Italian marble floor designs, Italian marble flooring, Italian marble granite, Italian marble images, India, Italian marble prices, silvasa, Italian marble slabs, Italian marble statues, Italian marble suppliers, tile, Italian stone, Italian stones, Onyx, Italian tile, Italian white marble etc.

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