Richest Collection Only At Bhandari Marble Group

Statuario Marble

Marble is found in many parts of the world. In INDIA the major marble-producing areas are found in RAJASTHAN-KISHANGARH, MADHYAPARDESH, GUJARAT. Bhandari marble group is the finest place in Kishangarh for those who want to make their dream home just like haven.


White marble has been prized for its use in sculptures since classical times. This preference has to do with its softness, which made it easier to carve, relative isotropic and homogeneity, and a relative resistance to shattering. Also, the low index of refraction of calcite allows light to penetrate several millimeters into the stone before being scattered out, resulting in the characteristic waxy look which gives “life” to marble sculptures of any kind, which is why many sculptors preferred and still prefer marble for sculpting.
You’ll soon see, the average marble cost per square feet varies quite a bit: The average minimum cost of marble is 30 Rs/sf. The average maximum cost of marble is 750 Rs/sf. The average cost of marble countertops is 500 Rs/sf.
Carrara marble is a type of white or blue-grey marble of high quality, popular use in sculpture and building decor. It is quarried in the city of Carrara located in the province of Massey and Carrara in the Lunigiana, the northernmost tip of modern-day Tuscany, Italy.
With all of this being said, there are five main types of marble that have been useful for many years by many individuals. These are listed as Statuario, Carrara, Emperador, Crema Marfil, and Calacatta. These have not been listed in anything particular order, but some have been known to be rare than others.


Marble is a rock resulting from metamorphism of sedimentary carbonate rocks, most commonly limestone or dolomite rock. Metamorphism causes variable re crystallization of the original carbonate mineral grains. The resulting marble rock is typically composed of an interlocking mosaic of carbonate crystals.

Richest Collection Only At Bhandari Marble Group
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