Red Levante The Marble of Perfection

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Marble is the form of calcite and dolomite termed as Metamorphic Rock. Marble is widely used in Flooring, Sculptures, Building Material, and Artificial Products etc. In India, every region has its unique specialty for marbles and hence more than 1000 types of marble varieties are available all over India. They are in different forms that consist of change in color that’s the reason Marble have got regional names based on region and color.



People choose Marbles based on their reflection, amplification of light and most importantly color. Housewives prefer kitchen countertops to be Black or White. Bathroom Counter tops are preferred to be colorful like Red Levante or Cram Color that gives a soothing feeling in bathroom. Bhandari Marble Group in the Marble Industry has strong roots over Imported Marble especially Italian Marble.

Our variety of Marble availability is the reason for our good position in Market and with this Quality and Service also adds up for the success story of Bhandari Marble Group.



When you think about marble, it’s highly likely that visions of milky white Calacatta or Carrara marble come to mind. The combination of pure white with subtle grey veining found in these two marble varieties offers a classic look that’s represented elegance for centuries. While the allure of these stunning materials cannot be denied, there’s more to marble than just white.

Marble comes in some pretty interesting shades. From the soft green waves found Calacatta White to the classic Red Levante marble can be found in subtle shades of nearly every color of the rainbow. We love the softness of the classic Calacatta and Carrara marbles. But if you’re looking for something a little more unusual, consider one of these marble selections.

Red Levante

Red Levante is the great choice for every type of home. It just adds an additional beauty in your home with its radiant look.  It just adds the timeless beauty to your kitchen, bath, fireplace, floor, stairs, walls or just about any other area where you’re looking to add originality.

Rosso Levanto Marble

The Red Levante is a dark red colored marble, with thin to medium grain and strong white vein distributed all over its area. It presents some variations in terms of red color, with some lighter or darker colored reds.

The Red Levante is a hard natural stone. Its variations depend on the vein intensity and grain variation. We Import this marble directly from Turkey, in blocks and as per the requirement of market we cut these blocks in 16mm, 18mm or 20mm thick.


Stone Type: Marble
Main Color: Red
Quality Name: Red Levante
Country: Turkey

Bhandari Marble Group is the top leading supplier, and distributor of the high-quality Red Levante Marble Tiles, Slabs across the globe. All our offered marbles are available in various tile and slab sizes for meeting the diverse needs and demands of our esteemed client’s at most competitive prices.

This natural stone is available in both tiles and slabs in a polished finish used for all interior projects. Red Levante marble flooring gives your home subtle burgundy base and white veins that contrasts in harmony with its background. It a classic stone comes with low water absorption and maintenance.


  • This stone is widely used for flooring, wall cladding and roofing to enhance the beauty of the premises.
  • Each piece of this marble is unique in terms of colors, patterns, and tone.
  • We are offering to the huge array of high-quality Red Levante Italian Marble Slabs at the most competitive price.

A striking, rich deep burgundy stone set through with a contrasting white vein creating the appearance of unmitigated luxury_


  • Excellent Red Italian Marble
  • Feasible Rate Product
  • Polished & Honed Finish
  • Breath Taking Appearance


  • Veined Pattern Marble
  • Outstanding Durability
  • Awesome Finishing
  • Magnificent & Beautiful Appearance

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Red Levante The Marble of Perfection
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