How many different types of Carrara marble available in India?

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What Are the Different Types of Carrara Marble available in India?
Carrara White marble. Carrara White marble is of the best quality with quantity and best price Italian marble, highly demanded because it makes the home look more beautiful, spacious, and comfortable.

Carrara White Marble: Varieties,Types, Price, Facts & Use of Carrara White Marble:

All About Carrara White Marble in India:

Complete Guide About Carrara White Marble:

All types and styles about Carrara White marble


Variation and Varieties of Carrara white marble
Carrara White Marble is a white limestone that was utilized to make beautiful Statues, Monuments,
buildings, architecture, Handicrafts, landscaping, and countertop. An example of Carrara white marble is the Statue of David by Michel Angelo, it is made up of Carrara White marble. One Carrara White-marble makes Devid so rich and famous we have many hundreds. Carrara White Marble has a lucky marble, classic, and elegant look with a smooth white base and Grey profound veining.

Carrara White Marble is a highly durable Italian marble which is used to make Flooring, Elevation, Decoration, countertop,
Bar counter,
Vanity top,
Cobbles, Pebbles, blocks, slabs, tiles, and sanitary ware, etc.
Carrara White Marble looks COZI and CHARMING very fresh, clean, and Best. Carrara White Marble is the most popular Marble in India and all around the world.
Carrara White Marble known for its beautiful look and fine texture, Carrara White Marble has high strength and durability beauty, and fashion.

Carrara White Marble is long-lasting Marble, its shine long lasting ever with very little care. Carrara White Marble is quite strong and fine grain marble. Carrara White Marble is eye-catching marble, looks very attractive, and Status Simble after application in any home Villa hotel resort mall tower hospital collage showroom office and projects. Carrara White marble is widely used for centuries in prestigious Buildings and the Bhandari marble group introduce this marble first time in India in 1969. Our Grandfather Shree Roop Chand Ji Visited Italy in search of the best quality marble and they Introduce Carrara marble in India.

BHANDARI MARBLE GROUP | Bhandari Marble Group

What is Carrara White Marble; Varieties,Types, Price, Facts & Use of Italian White Marble:

The Carrara White Marble owns its unique properties which makes the most beautiful, popular Marble for all the prestigious architecture and design projects. Carrara White Marble was used since Roman times for Statue, fine art and Buildings, and sculptures. Carrara White Marble gives the Cozi and Charming classical figurative appearance to the place where it is applied in home villa hotel hospital and projects.

Carrara White Marble is admired among the people due to its beauty, glossy look, fine grain, finish and polish, resistance to fire, and Status Simble. Carrara White Marble is extensively used in numerous five-star hotels, Multy national companies’ offices, high-rise buildings, Shopping Malls Towers Jewellery Showrooms and buildings. Carrara White marble has the natural beauty to love everyone Architects Interior designers Engineers Builders Hoteliers Developers Clients and Customers give luxurious look to any place. In the marble Industry, there is nothing as a graceful substitute for majestic marble like Carrara White Marble.

What is Carrara White Marble; Varieties,Types, Price, Facts & Use of Italian White Marble:

Facts about Carrara White marble:
Carrara White Marble is a natural white Italian marble with the mesmerizing beauty and unique properties that make it the most popular glorious marble since from the 15th century. There is main 3 kind of Carrara White Marble you can use in your Home villa Hotel Hospital Malls Towers office and projects, with their own beautiful properties and white color and dramatic designs.


Bhandari marble group offers great quality with quantity and best price, polish and finishes in India when it cut and polished which makes it useful for floor and wall slabs and tiles, mosaics, facing stone, architectural panels, window sills, columns, stair treads, as a decorative stone, for indoor and outdoor furniture, decorative accents Handicrafts cobbles Pabbles Monuments landscaping and many more. Carrara White Marble has perfect radiance can be used for the best collection of different varieties. Carrara White Marble has been used in the Flooring Elevation Decoration countertop monuments and landscaping architecture for many years. When it comes to the best prestigious marble beauty and durability, Carrara White Marble can be said the best of natural stones like the king of Marble.

Carrara White Marble the most beautiful popular and dramatic design Italian marble demanded in India and all around the world. Bhandari marble group the best signature appearance of a specific design project which can be structure or monument, buildings outdoor space, indoor space statues Tamples residential and commercial real estate, and many more. We Import the best quality blocks from Italy and supply all over the USA, UK, UAE, DUBAI GERMANY ITALY TURKEY CANADA SINGAPORE HONGKONG AUSTRALIA SRI LANKA BANGLADESH BHUTAN NEPAL AND GULF COUNTRIES.


What is Carrara White Marble; Varieties,Types, Price, Facts & Use of Italian White Marble.

Carrara White Marble: Varieties, Types, Price, Facts and Uses of Carrara White Marble in India:

The Various Types of Carrara White Marble:

carrara-White-marble-quality :

Carrara White Marble is one of the exclusive Italian marble that is often used for home villa hotel Resort Mall Tower office and projects Flooring Elevation Decoration and countertop. Carrara White Marble improves the atmosphere of the project, in which it is introduced and inevitably added the beauty of the place. Carrara White Marble is known for its pure white color and dramatic grey veins, which distinguish it from the rest of the Natural Stones. There are several types of Carrara White Marble excavated at Italy, which are referred to as Carrara White Marble. They vary in whiteness, brightness, designs, shades, coloring, and veining, depending on the Italian quarry, from which they come.


Carrara White Marble Varieties Types Price Facts and Uses of Carrara White Marble in India:

Carrara White Marble production throughout the entire Carrara region in Italy is carried out in many main areas :

In Italy there are several areas, from which the Carrara White Marble is excavated Carrara, it is to call them Carrara White Marble for the product coming from the city of Carrara.

The main Carrara White Marble popular for marble quarrying are the following:

1- Carrara area : North Western Apuan Alps, municipality of Carrara.

2- Massa area; Western Apuan Alps, municipality of Massa.

3- Lunigiana area; Northern Apuan Alps, municipality of Fivizzano.

4- Garfagnana area; Northeastern Apuan Alps, municipalities of Vagli Minucciano Villa Collemandina.

5- Versilia area; Southern Apuan Alps, municipalities of Stazzema, Seravezza.

All these area called the Carrara White Marble district of Italy.

Carrara White Marble Varieties Types Price Facts and Uses of Carrara White Marble in India:

Carrara Marble:

The Carrara White Marble, the most precious type of marble, excavated at the district Carrara, Statuario Calacautta, and Carrara White marble, the latter being considered the most luxurious marble of the World. Carrara White Marble is far from the White varieties coming from the Italian province Carrara. The Whiteness and color of vain, Carrara White Marble can be divided into groups :
White and more dramatically veins marble. The White Carrara marble is more abundant and therefore their production represents the greater part of Italian marble quarried in Carrara.

Carrara White Marble, there are no two blocks of marble that look exactly the same, so it is said that each block has its own types, that are quarried at Carrara. The main feature by which we can recognize Carrara marble is not its coloring and veins but the place of its origin Carrara district only. Everyone Architects Interior designers Engineers Builders Hoteliers Developers Clients and Customers know that this is the best Marble for you, since it incorporates beauty with luxury, durability, and long-lasting.

1- Marmo Bianco Carrara White White Marble

2- Marmo Statuario or Statuary White Carrara Marble,

3.Marmo Calacautta gold Carrara Marble.

4.Marmo Venetino Carrara White Marble.

5.Marmo Arabescato White Carrara Marble.

The name of each Carrara White Marble usually reveals a lot about its particular appearance and many time create confusions about there Quality and types. Statuario and Calacatta are the whitest marble, Carrara while is a slight gray shade with white background.


The other types of marble in Carrara
marble-type :

There are other varieties of marble, quarried in the district area of Carrara. These are the so-called Breccia Arora and Bottichino of marble types they are described simply as exotic varieties of Italian marble. “Different Varieties of Marble from Carrara”,
We can say that the Carrara area in Italy gives to World the best quality of marble with quantity. Big Yes that Statuario and Calacatta are the most famous of all and naturally preferred marble of Carrara types demand all over the World. If you are interested in the right Carrara marble for you, you can always visit our factory outlet Studio Statuario or The infinity by Bhandari marble group, The best and biggest collection of Statuario marble, Calacutta marble, and Carrara White Marble in the World. contact us or book online and we will happy to assist you with your choices, designs, finishes, polish, size, thickness, Quality, Quantity, on-time delivery, best packing, all around the world.



How many different types of Carrara marble available in India?
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