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Born of nature, each piece of stone has a definite character and grain. This hard and cool material is ideal for homes in warmer climates. A natural stone’s organic surface resists dust and allergenic organisms, making it safe and durable. From rough to smooth, porous to dense, choices in stone flooring abound. Take a look at some popular choices among Indian homeowners and designers these days.


1. Marble
Timeless and highly durable, marble is an excellent choice if you desire an ambience of both luxury and antiquity. Marble is resilient and it comes in a wide range of patterns and colours. While pure white marble gives a pristine appeal, the darker shades are distinctly beautiful, too. Being a premium material in terms of looks and pricing, it is best to show it off in the living room.
Tip: Marble is heavy and the larger sheets tend to be rather fragile. Always hire skilled labour for any kind of installation. Choose a substrate that can handle the extra weight must be chosen to avoid wearing or breaking after application. Hone the marble to achieve a slip-resistant and easy-to-clean texture. Avoid abrasives for cleaning, they leave scratch marks.

2. Granite
Granite is a hard-edged stone with a beautiful natural grain. Its resilience makes it great for both indoor and outdoor use.

Black, green, pearl and galaxy are widely available granite colours. The more this stone is polished, the more refined it looks. Here the architect uses honed granite outdoors to contrast with the soft texture of the grass.

3. Slate
Slate is a handsome porous stone. It is easy to cut and to make into sheets. Mostly available in gold, grey and black, slate works well in both dry and wet areas of the house. This stain-resistant surface can be great for your living room, hallway, bathroom, dining and kitchen areas.

Tip: Apply penetrating sealants every two years to make the slate impermeable. It prevents deep staining and permanent spoiling. Avoid using vinegar or citrus cleansers for cleaning stains.

4. Sandstone
This is a widely prevalent stone in India with large variations in colour and grain. Highly durable and warm, it lends the room a distinctive natural look with its rocky characteristics.

5. Limestone
This sedimentary stone can be found in a variety of colours, from creams to charcoal. These stones make good company for all kinds of decor styles – from traditional to contemporary.

Limestone is naturally porous and soft. It may be sanded for a polished look or machine-tumbled for a rough look. The elegance of any house can be enhanced by the earthy appeal of its limestone floor. It is easy to clean and maintain.
A fine-grained variety of limestone is Kota stone. The green, blue and brown varieties are mostly quarried from Rajasthan. It is non-porous and non-slip, making it a great choice for high-traffic areas and outdoor spaces.

6. Travertine
Travertine is a cousin of limestone that is lighter on the pocket. The matte form of travertine is widely applied outdoors on pool surrounds, pavings and walkways. These floors are highly porous and do not heat up easily. For indoor applications, resin is filled in the stone’s pores and locked with a sealant. Commonly available in gold, ivory and cream colours, travertine can be honed to be used in modern decors.

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Experience The Beauty of Nature
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